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urgentaddresschange.com is a site dedicated to simplify and facilitate USPS change of address requests for its customers. We strive to make move easier, faster and more streamlined. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful, timing consuming, and a big hassle anymore. Our site is specifically designed to assist you during the process of address change by filing your USPS address change request easily and securely while saving you from waiting in line at the post office. In addition we also provide many premium services that will make your move easier, faster & hassle free.


Moving in itself is a very stressful, busy & hectic job. There are lot of things to do already without adding the stress to change your postal address. You do not have time & energy to wait and stand in queue to fill government paperwork. Let urgentaddresschange.com help to make your move as seamless as possible by saving time and providing you the resources. We’ll submit your address change on your behalf, provide guidance on other cumbersome paperwork, and much more. Check out all our address change benefits below:


  • Secure & fast way to fill address change with USPS
  • Change Unlimited Address within 90 Days*
  • Save Time & Energy Waiting in Line by Filing Your Address Change Online
  • Address Change Filing Free for your Family
  • Email Support For Address Change
  • Using this change of address service also entitles you to receive a free discount booklet.

Price $39.90 Moving Package Fee Unlimited Moves / 3 Months*
Privacy Privacy policy in Place
Ticket Support Yes
Email Support Yes
Notify 100+ Other Companies Yes

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